Monday, June 28, 2010

Etsy: Handmade cat magnets

Not long ago, somehow, I stumbled across what is Etsy. A site where people post and sell their handmade items, as well as vintage goods. It's a shoppers paradise or hell, depending on how much time you spend scrolling through the items and how much money you spend on all the cute items you find.

One of my favourite sellers on Etsy is alliebeans, although I have only ever purchased her magnets, and always the cat design. As a cat lover how could I resist these gorgeous fabric magnets for my fridge. Even DH doesn't object as they're stronger than any other magnet we've had, and our papers don't get relocated when the wind blows!

While I'm not delusional to believe I am as cleaver or creative as any of the Etsy sellers, it's still a place I browse, and occasional buy whenever I'm in the mood.

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