Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Summer Dresses

I'm a fan of the maxi dress style that's been prominent as the weather has been warming up and I found some great dresses (maxi and otherwise) at Crossroads http://www.crossroads.com.au/Home.aspx

The first is a shorter style dress that comes down to the knees, the MID LENGTH EMERALD PAISLEY BORDER DRESS, is a made from a beautiful light weight fabric that would be great for travelling (as it wouldn't crush).

The second is in the maxi style dress, and is more for a casual day at the beach or around town. The SLEEVELESS SHIRRED STRAP STRIPE MAXI DRESS doesn't necessarily look like much off the rack, but on, it flows nicely over your figure.

The third and final is another maxi style and also in a similar colour to the first (I'm just loving the vibrancy of the blue/green combination). The fabric of the LACE TRIM X OVER NECK FEATHER PRINT MAXI DRESS is once again great for travel, but you have the added sparkle from the jet beads that are sewn into the sleeves and around the bodice.

So loving summer.

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