Wednesday, October 20, 2010

B.Makowsky Monaco Satchel

So in previous posts I have mentioned that I am a bit handbag crazy. I recently acquired this beautiful B.Makowsky Monaco Satchel in Wisteria from Amazon (great price on the bag, shocking price for the shipping).

My original attraction to this bag was the description other bloggers and reviewers had given of the leather being "buttery" soft and indeed it is, it has a luxurious feel to it, but the reason I truly love this bag now that I own it, is that it has pockets, both on the inside and outside, for everything, such as no more searching for your mobile, there is a tiny pocket on the outside that faces you and is very discrete. My least favourite part of this bag? The animal print lining, I'm glad it's not something that I have to look at often as it's a bit over the top for my liking.

It will be interesting to see how long this bag lasts and how well it wears, but I do plan on replacing it with another B.Makowsky, if I can hold out that long!

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