Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kate Spade Handbags

While most women have a collection of shoes, I seem to have a collection of handbags. Ahh, we all must have our vices I guess!

Until recently I hadn't even heard of Kate Spade, I don't know what planet I was living on, or what actually got me initially attracted, but on my visit to Princeton in May 2010, I decided I just had to have one.

The problem is which Kate Spade do I want/like/need the most? Do I go for a leather or one in fabric? Once I've made that choice, what colour? Red, black, gold, yellow? Then onto style, do I need it for a weekend of the beach, work, that bridal shower or for running errands? What is a girl to do?

Below is the two beauties I have on order (I did have it down to four, but (un)luckily they ran out of the other two before I made my payment....

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