Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

For something different I thought I'd share my 5 outstanding items from this Christmas. I was spoilt so this definitely isn't an inclusive list, and there is no order, but thought it might get your juices flowing for the sales or your wish list next year!

1. Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel

This seasonal item from Bath and Body Works, has the most gorgeous smell, and you only need a tiny bit to work up a real lather.

2. Polar FT7 Watch

I recently started jogging, and this was a gift from DH, awww. Functional and stylish.

3. Clinique Long Lasting Lipgloss gift set

I'm a fan of Clinique's Full Potential Lip Gloss, but I was gifted the Long Lasting Lipgloss. It comes in a cool gift pack, so you can try and find your perfect colour. (Technically I think this was a birthday gift, but they're so close together I decided to count it here).

4. Charter Club Cat Brooch

I'm a big fan of cats and brooches, so this was a great combo. Too bad that I only wear brooches in the winter and I'll have to wait for the weather to cool to wear it. Also love the cute little gift box it came in.

5. Belkin TuneCast Auto

I can finally play my ipod in the car, now all I have to do is finish putting my music collection on my ipod (I'm about 80% there).

So did you have any favourites from your holiday gifts this year?

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