Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Holiday Sales

There are a few items we buy every year in the post Christmas sales, and then there are items I add to my list as needed. The top items on our shopping list this year are:

1. Cards

We make a count on how many we used this year and then buy accordingly, I refuse to pay full price for an item that may be shown/used for a 2 week period

There's just so much to choose from...

2. Pajamas

Another item I refuse to pay full price for, other than DH who is ever going to see them?

Two of my favourites are: Peter Alexander and Sussans Sleepwear

3. Kitchenware e.g. glasses, measuring spoons, appliances

You can always get great deals on those items that make eating and cooking enjoyable. Last year we picked up a great dinner set by Maxwell Williams from a local department store.

4. Swim wear

I'm still loving the 1950s style, such as Seafolly's Viva Boyleg:

Esther Williams Vintage Style Suits;

5. Towels and sheets

My favourites are the Sheridan brand in browns or maroon colours.

Happy shopping, just don't overdo it!

So yes, there’s a practicality to my list which doesn’t make it too exciting, but I love the thrill of finding great buy and figuring out what else I can spend the money on I saved!

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